Dental Tourism

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not travel to Mexico to seek dental care. Over the past few years, dental costs have skyrocketed in the United States. Each year, people see their dental insurance benefits shrink or even disappear completely. But your teeth are not a luxury that you can do without. Quality dental care is a necessity to insure your overall health and happiness. Luckily, there are some great alternatives for dental care if you will consider getting work done in other countries. Dental tourism in Mexico is booming. Why? Cost and location.
Positive reason: Most dental tourism takes place in Mexico because it is less expensive than travel to South America or Asia. The cost of dental care in Mexico is low compared to U.S. costs. American and Canadian patients are flocking to Mexican dentists to get quality dental work done for less than half the cost of U.S. prices. For example, a full restoration of 28 crowns can cost nearly $40,000 in the United States, but closer to $8000 in Mexico. Why is that? Mexican dentists have less overhead. They are not burdened with student loans to pay back, high insurance premiums, or huge taxes. And most Mexican dentists will take your insurance, or file the claim for you.
Negative reason: travel expenses and time spent away from home or work. A visit to home town dentist is convenient and won’t cost much in travel expenses. A visit to Mexico can cost airfare plus hotel and meals. Most dental work can be completed in a week or less. So calculate your costs based on how long you need to stay in Mexico to finish the dental work. It might not be worth the trip if you only need a single crown. But if you need a root canal or two, and maybe a few crowns, the trip will be worth the time and effort.
Positive reason: the quality of the dental work is good in Mexico. The reason dental tourism is booming in Mexico is because the quality of the work is very good and Mexico is just a short trip across the U.S. border. The dentists follow sterilization protocols and many offices have state of the art dental equipment. Sure there are some dentists in Mexico that do poor work, but you will also find that to be true in the United States. Do your homework before you schedule with a dentist in Mexico. Call them, ask questions and look at patient testimonials.
Negative reason: it is not convenient to return to Mexico if you have any problems with your dental work. Most dentists will give a warranty on their dental work. But if you have work done in Mexico, you will need to return to that dentist to resolve any problems you are having. That makes the return trip expensive and time consuming. Take this into account when you are deciding whether or not to travel to Mexico for dental work.
The vast majority patients that travel to Mexico get great quality work at reasonable costs. Start researching Mexican dentists and plan your trip today. Dental tourism makes good sense.

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