1. Cost Savings. In the United Stated States, the cost of a dental education is out of sight. Dentists graduate with a huge debt of student loans. They also have to pay extremely high insurance premiums, not to mention operation costs, staff salaries, taxes, workman’s comp, etc. These costs must all be passed on to the patients. In contrast, Mexico offers a comparable dental degree at an affordable price. Dentists in Mexico can still make a very good profit without charging outrageous prices. Salaries, rents, utilities are all minimal in comparison to what a U.S. dentist has to pay. In most instances, you can save about 60% of the cost by going to Mexico for dental work.

2. High Quality Dental work. Dental tourism in Mexico is booming. You can get high quality dental work in Mexico, with some clinics, like Rio Dental, even using U.S. based labs to make crown and bridges. Our clinic is high tech and boasts modern equipment like PRP machines and intra oral cameras. Bottled water is used in all the dental units. And Autoclave sterilization is always used.

3. Convenience. You can stay in your choice of hotel in the United States when you choose Rio Dental as your destination. Just fly into El Paso, Texas and pick a hotel. Southwest and American airlines have daily flights from many U.S. cites. We have a shuttle that can pick you up in El Paso, TX (our sister city across the border) either at your hotel or at the airport. The trip from El Paso to the clinic only takes about 15 minutes. It is your choice; stay in the U. S. if you feel more comfortable, or experience the friendly, outgoing atmosphere of Mexico by staying in Juarez. Lodging and meals are economical, both in Juarez, Mexic o and El Paso, Texas. Our driver will pick you up either way and transport you to and from the clinic for your dental appointments.

4. Safety. We take safety issues very seriously at Rio Dental. The press was quick to report on the cartel violence that has affected Mexico the last few years, but they have been slow to pick up on the changes in the last year. Violence has seen a steady decrease; and the president of Mexico has made many changes to help keep the population safe. Big cities in the United States are not immune to violence. People who find trouble in Mexico are the same ones that find trouble in the U.S. They are out late at night in unsafe areas, engaging in unsafe behaviors. Patients seeking dental treatment are in business zones, well away from the trouble areas of the city. If you decide to stay at a hotel in Mexico, most have full time security patrolling the grounds, and many have gated areas for parking. At Rio Dental, we have a secure parking area and clinic access is also controlled. None of our patients have had any trouble during their visits to Mexico.

Dental clinic is located in Cd. Juarez, Mexico. - Only 15 minutes from El Paso, TX Intl. Airport
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