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This video shows a new resurgent Juarez. It is narrated in Spanish, but does show Juarez as city on the rise.

You already know that you can save a lot of money by getting your dental work done at Rio Dental, however, you may be unsure about the safety in Mexico. This is especially true if you have never crossed the border before, don't speak any Spanish or have apprehensions about Mexico and Juarez. There are many false conceptions and irrational fears about crossing the border and going into Juarez. Yes, there was some violence a few years past but that as mostly disappeared. The media reported on this extensively but almost never mentioned that the victims were targeted and were actively involved in unlawful activities, and those in law enforcement who are fighting the criminals. It was mostly drug dealers killing rival drug dealers and people connected to that illegal business and those individuals. If you are not involved in illicit activities, there is nothing to worry about. Life continues "business as usual" for most people, residents and visitors as well. Over the past several years, there has not been a single incidence of a medical tourist coming across the border being injured or attacked! None of the thousands of patients that have visited us over the past years has reported any problems or incidents. That is good news. Less than 5 minutes from the border with the United States, Rio Dental is located in a secure area of the city and you can see El Paso from the clinic less than a mile away.

Rio Dental uses a van to pick up patients from their hotel or the airport in El Paso, TX. We bring you across the border to the clinic and return you. Our clinic is not open to walk-ins. Everybody has an appointment and only those with an appointment can enter.


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