Rio Dental - A Dental Tourism Destination in Mexico for those seeking Dentists Abroad

For Those considering a Dental Vacation and Traveling Overseas, Rio Dental is very Close.

Rio Dental operates a full service dental clinic in Juarez Mexico which is just minutes across the border from El Paso,Texas. The owners are an American and his wife a Mexican citizen who is a licensed Dentist in Mexico. All Rio Dental dentists are licensed in Mexico. We specialize in performing major work over several days, compared to weeks, and at a fraction of the cost. Our excellent labs work quickly and use high quality materials. Our dentists speak English and are dedicated to providing excellent service.

The main advantages of choosing Rio Dental over planning a long trip to Costa Rica, Thailand, India or Hungary are that you will save time and money on getting to the clinic, and you can stay in a hotel in El Paso, TX in the comfort of the USA. On days you are in the clinic, Rio Dental will provide transportation to and from your hotel in El Paso, Texas and take you across the border to the clinic in Mexico. Traveling from a hotel in El Paso to the clinic takes about ten to fifteen minutes. We feel that people seeking dental treatments abroad should have travel be the a simple as possible. When choosing your dentist overseas, choose Rio Dental and make your trip a stress free travel vacation.

Dental Treatments available at our Clinic in Mexico

We are proud to attract people from all over the United States who travel to our full service dental clinic in need of implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. There are many Americans who travel to Mexico for dental care who need crowns and Rio Dental does that work for about one third to one half the cost of the same work in the states. Others with missing teeth look to Mexico for implants and Rio Dental's implant dentist has received implant training in the US and is experienced using the latest techniques.

Flying to El Paso, TX and going to Rio Dental in Mexico is the convenient and lower cost travel choice.
Destination Avg RT Airfare Avg Flight Time EACH way  
Rio Dental   $293   4 Hrs  
Costa Rica   $445   7 Hrs, 20 min  
Hungary   $858   22 Hrs  
Thailand   $1137   23 Hrs  
India   $1011   23 Hrs  
Inside Rio Dental

When you choose Rio Dental, you know that you are still close to home and the materials we use come from the US.

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Service at Rio Dental

* When you contact us, we speak to you in clear English and answer your questions about dental procedures, timing, pricing , accommodations in El Paso or in Mexico.

* Free Transportation is Provided from El Paso Hotels or Airport to and from the clinic in Mexico.

* We are conveniently located just minutes across the border from El Paso, Texas, in Juarez, Mexico. A dentist with affordable prices is closer than you think.

* Give us a call to inquire about scheduling an appointment or to answer any questions. You can email a question to the dentist. You will find your experience in Mexico to be both affordable and satisfying.





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Dental clinic is located in Cd. Juarez, Mexico. - Only 15 minutes from El Paso, TX Intl. Airport
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