Rio Dental now offers a NEXT MORNING cosmetic crown, made of Zirconia and is covered by a
TEN YEAR WARRANTY. The material is extremely durable and cosmetic in appearance. Zirconia is ideal for making bridges of multiple units, and is produced on the computer Cerec milling machine. The crowns and bridges are also computer designed, and you can see how the final product will look along with your existing teeth before the crowns or bridges are ever made.

There are two types of Zirconia crowns offered at Rio Dental. The All Zirconia also referred to as Full Contour Zirconia, which is 100% computer designed using CEREC technology, and made from a single block of Zirconia. We also the Stacked Zirconia, in which the base is made from Zirconia and the rest is made from porcelain. The advantage of this Stacked type is a slightly more translucent crown and a little more natural in appearance.

Zirconia Full Contour Crowns : $449 ea.
(bridge - each unit/tooth) -COMPLETED BY NEXT MORNING

Using this technology, a patient can preview their crown and see how it will look next to their other teeth, before it is ever made.

Zirconia Stacked Crowns : $469 ea.
(bridge - each unit/tooth)-completed 3rd DAY





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